Data Security

security-iconEveryday people are trying to scam you into giving them your personal information. When they get this information they will be able to do harm to you personally and financially. Many of these scamming efforts are hard to distinguish from the real thing! They can make their email requests for information look very legitimate. Don’t fall for it!


Why is Data Security Important?

One of the most important concerns for any person or any organization is data security. Data security is important because it maintains the overall stability and credibility of the institution. As a Winona State student, you are responsible for adhering to federal, state, and institutional policies and guidelines. Student failure to abide by these guidelines may prevent Winona State servers from connecting to the internet, which leads to a loss of business productivity.

What Can You Do?

  • Check links in e-mails
  • Report scam email to
  • If you think you fell for a scam please let us know!
  • Protect your password – do not share it with anyone
  • Verify People.  All IT and Facilities employees should be wearing a badge

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