App Review: Duolingo

DuolingoWith my trip to Europe right around the corner I wanted to take the opportunity to brush up on some German. I’m no fluent speaker by any means but after a few courses in college I wanted to refresh so I could have fun speaking with my friends overseas.  Duolingo was the answer, it’s the top language learning app and website.

What I like best about Duolingo is that it maintains my interest. Unlike a class course, I learn on my own time and at my own rate. The games and lessons keep me intrigued and help me retain information much better. Not to mention, it’s completely free. Perfect for a cheap college person like myself.

Duolingo 1Duolingo starts out with the very basics and lets you choose your level of difficulty. It helps to narrow down if you’re a beginner or intermediate with a language. As a beginner it breaks down sentence structure, grammar and verb usage with lessons that help pronounce sentences or single words as much as you need.  Each lesson you try to complete sentences by choosing the correct translations of each word or sentence to until you choose correctly. From food and animals all the way up to politics and philosophy Duolingo can be the fastest way for you to learn a new language at no cost. With Duolingo you’re able to redo each lesson to make sure you are processing the information completely.  It also tracks your time spent on lessons so you can see if you’re setting aside enough time to learn.



I love it. It’s free, easy and available on my tablet, computer and phone anywhere with Wi-Fi. I highly recommend it to all who need help learning a language.

Pros of Duolingo:

  • FREE
  • Easy to access and play
  • Available on all devices
  • Access for friends to play and learn with each other
  • Easily tracks progress and can set goals

 Cons of Duolingo:

  • Requires internet access
  • Not available in every language
  • Different devices may show different completion levels
  • Proper pronunciation can be difficult to learn
  • Not available to translate directly

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