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OnenoteA few weeks ago OneNote won the poll and was the featured note taking app! A perfect app for organization and productivity as the semester’s end draws near. OneNote is a digital notebook that allows you to take notes, schedule, track lists and capture thoughts. OneNote organizes photos, notes and recordings in notebooks with tabs. You can use OneNote on your computer, phone or iPad. All of your information syncs between your devices. Another plus is you can easily access OneNote from OneDrive. If you are using OneDrive from your computer you can select the tile in the top left corner to access all of your Office 365 apps, including OneNote.

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I downloaded the app to help me remember class work and organize my planning for spring break. It is similar to the Microsoft Word app but with more advanced features to organize notes into different tabs, pages and segments. Another benefit is the online sharing feature to make group work possible.

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­My favorite feature is that it allows you to personalize each page. You can add PDF files, pictures, create tables and even draw on all of it with your stylus! You can personalize your tabs and the pages on those tabs. I especially liked color-coding pages. You can keep your notebook private or share the page via email. You can even invite people to the notebook and work at the same time, similar to Google docs. It takes a bit of time to navigate the app but it works great and is very useful.

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  • Available anywhere
  • Upload pictures and recordings
  • Automatically synced in the cloud so you can work on all your devices
  • University provided Microsoft Account will work (Easily access from your OneDrive)
  • Ability to invite other users to work together online
  • Search ability to find recent notes or pages


  • Auto sync between devices requires Wi-Fi
  • Requires Microsoft account
  • Other apps and devices have available services already
  • Doesn’t have ability to assign dates and times to tasks
  • No undo buttons available
  • Notifications and reminders not available

Overall I think….

It’s a cool app that can be very useful for lengthy projects or ongoing tasks that need organization and consistent changes. The only hitch for me would have to be that it doesn’t have notifications for dates and times to remind you of deadlines or tasks to be completed. Material entered is dated and highlighted but not set to remind you via notifications. However, it is still useful for academic or professional work that would require group sharing or individual organization.

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