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Studious appThis week on our eWazoo blog we decided to look at an app that people have been buzzing about called “Studious.” Students will not only love it, but professors will be praising the App Gods for its existence. It is such a lifesaver if you’re super popular and everyone calls you at all hours of the day. What the app does, is it completely silences (or vibrates) your phone anytime you have class! You will never have to remember to turn your phone to silent again! That’s not the only great thing it does. It also reminds you of upcoming due dates and tests in the class!

Okay, first you need to download the app. It’s available from GooglePlay or the App Store.  Then, click the “+” button near the top right of the screen. Then you will get to a new page and will have to click the “+” button one more time. Studious 1

Finally, you will end up with the screen to enter your information about your class. Fill out the class name, when the class meets and the sound setting you prefer in the class. You can even pick an icon  and a color for your class.  Hit save and you will be in the clear.

Studious 3


Continue to add all your classes so you end up with a screen like this:
Studious 4When you tap the class, a screen with the title “Homework” will pop up. Here you add all the due dates for the class by using the “+” button again. This will allow the app to remind you when your due dates are approaching.




Finally, swipe left and you will end up with a screen with
Studious 5 the title “Tests.” Here you add in all the test dates of the class and it will remind you of upcoming exams.





Pros of Studious:

  • It keeps you organized
  • It allows you to access your phone without noise.
  • It is smartphone and iPad accessible.
  • It’s free for Android users.

Cons of Studious:

  • You have to add all the due dates and exam dates.
  • It costs 99 cents for Apple users.

As you can see, there are a lot more pros than cons with this app and will help you study. It’s a win-win situation if you were to ask me!

eWazooAbout the Author : KELSEY HANE

Kelsey is  Senior at Winona State University. She is an Individualized Studies major with a minor in Public Relations. She has been a writer for eWazoo since 2015.

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