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Task ManagerCollageJust like that we’re back and busy with the second semester of the year and all it demands. Between personal tasks and academic commitments keeping up to date on the list of to-dos requires way more than a pen and sticky note.

We’ve compiled some of the most highly reviewed personal task management organizing apps for your convenience so you can stay on top of pressing matters with more efficiency and less headaches.

Finish (i0s)

Finish App

Help eliminate procrastination with the Finish app. In the app you’re immediately asked to provide due dates and times for created tasks. Tasks in Finish are organized by due terms and are split up by short, mid, and long-term due dates. You’ll set thresholds for each category when you setup your app, and then organize your homework and other school projects based on your academic year. Finish can even send you push notifications for upcoming due dates.finishapppic


  • Free
  • Push notifications
  • Due dates and times
  • Short, medium and long term tasks organized
  • Has the capability to add notes to tasks


  • Available only on ios

    Remember the Milk (iOS, Android, Web and Blackberry)

remembermilkappThis clever app is self-explanatory as a list based app, but it does so much more than list your grocery needs. You add your tasks and organize to-do items into categorized tabs. You have the ability to add reminders, due dates and locations to better organize your responsibilities. It also has alerts via push notifications or email. In addition, it has the option to integrate with other platforms.



  • Free & Pro version available ($2 monthly)
  • Available on all devices
  • Tab/category capabilities
  • Due date, location, and reminder capabilities
  • Push or email notifications
  • Integrates with Google Calendar, Gmail and Outlook and more


  • Some integration capabilities are limited to pro version


Momentum (Web)

momentumThis is a personal favorite due to its simplicity and its features. Momentum is not so much an app as it is just a chrome extension. The extension gives you the time, photo of the day, motivational quote and a small to do lists in the dashboard. There’s no due dates or alerts, just a small check lists that is in the corner of your computer screen as a constant reminder of daily undertakings.



  • Free
  • Unique photos, quotes, clock & list provided updates everyday
  • Simple & easy to use
  • Focus of the day, is the task that requires the most focus
  • No alert, or apps to open. No extra time is spent organizing.


  • Only available on the web
  • Requires an up to-date version of Chrome as default browser
  • No due dates or reminders available
  • No custom photo background capabilities

Google Keep (Android, Web)

googlekeepReturn to the original sticky note style task management with Google Keep. Integrated with your other Google platforms such as, Gmail and Google Docs, Keep provides digital colored sticky notes with the capability to upload photos, create lists and text notes. This app also has unlimited tasks management with due dates and location reminders. It also has  capabilities to share with other Google users.



  • Free
  • Simple, old-school sticky note style listing
  • Unlimited listing
  • Reminders for dates and locations available
  • Ability to be shared to other Google users
  • Image and external text uploading capabilities


  • Not available on iOS
  • Requires Google account and Google platforms to share

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