Photo Essay: Dual Moniters in the Classroom




Dr. Patrick Paulson is a professor in the college of business here at WSU and has been incorporating technology into his classroom since 2003. In 2007 he started using monitors in the classroom to assist in educating his students about web design and how to conduct a proper web conference. Dr. Paulson saw a need for students to be exposed to proper web conferencing etiquette and said, “the time to learn web conferencing is not when you are in your first web conference.” Little did Dr. Paulson know that he was onto something that would change the direction of his classes. Just this fall he lobbied for a grant to get dual computers in his classroom and the grant pasted with flying colors. Since the installation Dr. Paulson has been very pleased with the number of students initializing the new technology. Now students can work with programs like Adobe Connect even easier and create websites faster. #AppWinonaState


Adele about the author

Adele is a Junior at Winona State studying Organizational Communications and Training and Development. When she is not writing papers, preparing for presentations or working on group projects she is busy planning events, creating PR and spending time with her residents as a Resident Assistant. Adele enjoys musicals, hanging out with friends, and playing pool. Adele has been an a  writer for eWazoo since 2016.