App Toolkit: Group Project Mangement

Group app toolkit

A new semester means new schedules, new classes and new group projects. Looking for a way to put your best foot forward? The following apps are great for supporting group projects! Stay on task, turn in assignments on time and keep connected with your group by using one or all of the apps below!


A Trello board is a list of lists, filled with cards, used by you and your group members. This project-managing tool can handle any size project with any amount of group members. Trello is like email, Google docs, messenger, Facebook, and Twitter all in one. This is a great app to use when you have troubles getting your group all together at once!



  • Trello is free!
  • Real time updates, amazingly fast!
  • Creating cards and assigning someone to those projects is simple and easy


  • No calendar


Groupme is the best to chat with everyone you know. This totally free app allows you to talk to a group of friends all at once or send individual messages. All smart phones can use group me to stay connected. Groupme is an app that allows group conversations to reach anyone, anytime, anywhere.



  • Available on every platform
  • Sync with phone address book
  • Easy photo sharing



  • Can have troubles functioning on a weak network or off of Wi-Fi.


Huddle is a well-trusted commercial organization that provides a secure cloud for collaboration for teams sharing their work with each other. This app allows you to manage projects, share and edit files, post comments, assign tasks and track team activity in a secure, shared space.



  • Huddle allows you to work in the office or on the road when you are traveling
  • Huddle’s mobile and desktop apps keep teams synchronized across platforms and devices
  • Good security


  • No chat tools
  • Is not a full project management suite


Slack is coined as “team communication for the 21st century”. This mobile and online application allows users to communicate by sharing and collaborating through channels. Organize team conversations; make channels for projects, a topic or any task. Slack protects private information and conversation through various settings user can apply to a channel. Users also have the ability to direct message each other! Slack’s mission is “to make your working life simpler, more pleasant and more productive”.



  • Slack’s mac client is a web page wrapped in Safari, which makes it really powerful
  • You can send feedback from within the client by typing “/feedback [message]”. They seem to have a quick turnaround in fixing a number of issues that we noted initially


  • Slack has a ton of great features but they are hidden away under various dropdowns and icons (this is a pro in a sense too!)

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