App Review: Haiku Deck

This week I will be talking about my new favorite app, Haiku Deck.

Haiku deckI know how it sounds, but it has nothing to do with the ancient Japanese poetry art of Haikus (unless you need to make a presentation about Haikus, then by all means, it’s about Haikus). To be completely honest, I felt like this presentation app kicks Power Point’s butt, and it’s not as confusing and glitchy as Prezi. The presentation I am about to show you took me less than 90 seconds! That’s right. I finished a presentation faster than I brush my teeth, and the best part, it’s FREE! I am going to show you how to use it in 14 super easy steps!

  • Step 1. Click on the Haiku App logo (duh)
  • Step 2. Tap the plus button on the bottom of the page, and that will lead you to name the app and from there you can decide whether or not to make it public.
  • Step 3. Choose the text format you want to use for your slide. You can also tap the plus button to add more slides.


  • Step 4. Choose the picture you would like to put into your slide from your own gallery, or use one of their thousands of stock images to add some visual spice to your slide. Then click and drag where you want to center the image.


  • Step 5. Choose your slide layout.
  • Step 6. Write the notes that will help you practice for your presentation.
  • Step 7. Choose a font style
  • Step 8. Choose a color scheme
  • Step 9. Insert a graph or chart into your slideshow and edit the information.


  • Step 10. Save your Haiku
  • Step 11. Share your Haiku with your friends!


  • Step 12. Export your Haiku to present using Microsoft Power Point, Keynote or PDF.
  • Step 13. Get help if you need it! Haiku Deck Help
  • Step 14. Present! See? So easy.


Pros of Haiku Deck:

-It is way easier to use than any other program I have discovered thus far. -It is FREE!!! -It’s super fun to use! -There are a lot more options for stock photos, and general creativity. -It’s super fast! -It’s more reliable than Prezi -You can look up notes on your computer at the same time you create the Haiku on your app -The app can be accessed from your smartphone, iPad, or your computer! -You can share directly to the social media account of your choice

Cons of Haiku Deck: -You can’t change the size or color of the text -There is an Pro-Version for this app that allows you to export the file to PowerPoint and PDF. The Pro-Version also allows you to make your Haiku Deck private, remove the Haiku branding and replace it with your brand or logo. You also get unlimited cloud storage so you don’t use storage on your iPad. The student pricing is only $4.99 a month.

That concludes this weeks post about Haiku Deck! Keep on keepin’ on my fellow Warriors! -Kelsey

eWazooAbout the Author : KELSEY HANE

Kelsey is  Senior at Winona State University . She is an Individualized Studies major with a minor in Public Relations. She has been a writer for eWazoo since 2015.

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