IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Get Involved On Campus with WSU Connect Mobile App

When I walked through the Winona State University campus for my first time four years ago, I remember the excitement of a new environment, with new people. During my orientation, I learned that there was going to be a lot of opportunity for involvement on campus throughout the school year, and I knew that getting involved at the university was going to be important for me to make the most out of my time here. By the way freshmen: the WSU-lanyard-around-the-neck look might seem cool and convenient, but in reality, it’s the single largest indicator that you are a first-year student at WSU. As you can see below, I was also guilty of this mistake four years ago.

connect 1

Anyways, I remember getting involved felt a little overwhelming. I mean, I had enough of a hard time figuring out where all of my classes were, let alone being on top of the WSU Football game schedule. That’s why I’m excited, this fall, WSU has introduced an all-in-one app for students called “WSU Connect”, powered by Involvio.



Although the primary purpose for the app is to follow student clubs and organizations, and to stay up to date on everything happening around campus; there are a lot of other cool features within the app. Here’s my basic tutorial for navigating around the app, and sharing what I think will be the most useful aspects of it.

The Home Page:

1.) Events

The Events Tab allows you to look at university-wide events going on throughout campus, as well as events related to specific clubs or organizations that you may choose to follow. You can filter between upcoming, recommended and past events (1) and you can even announce that you will be attending any event (2). Great way to quickly see everything that is happening on campus and discover new events.

 APP Blog 1 

2.) Advice and Recommendations

The Advice and Recommendations Tab is pretty self-explanatory. You can share advice and/or recommendations for anything around the WSU community. This could be anything from favorite places to eat, good study spots, or recommended classes or professors.

App blog 2

3.) Buy and Sell

The Buy and Sell Tab is essentially a trading hub within the WSU community. It is similar to the Facebook Marketplace, but more focused on the buying and selling of academic materials, such as textbooks or supplies and technology you might need for courses . You can like posts (1), as well as create posts of your own (2) and add images to your posts (3).

 APP blog 3


After the Homepage, the Groups Tab is listed on the bottom of the app. This tab allows students to find groups or clubs and organizations on campus that they are interested in. You can filter between All Groups, Friends, Popular and My Groups (1) or search for a specific group (2). You can also join a group, which lets you follow their event schedule throughout the year and participate in that group’s discussions. You can also use the About tab to learn about the organization and access their contact information.


Other Resources:

The Other Resources Tab allows students to access many helpful tools for navigating their way around campus and Winona State resources such as the WSU Bookstore, D2L, and WSU Email (Webmail). You can even subscribe to WSU calendars, like Warrior Athletics, and get the entire schedule. Tapping on one of these resources will link you to that webpage.

APP bolg 12

These are the aspects of the app that I believe will be used the most, but I’m sure there is still a lot of ways to use the app that we’ll all discover together.

The app is brand new, so it’s up to us as the students to start using it to its full potential. I can’t wait to see what we can do. Feel free to leave me comments below on what your favorite feature is with WSU Connect!


Sam Photo
Sam Wareham is a fifth-year student at WSU studying Public Relations, with a minor in Individualized Studies. Sam is also the vice president of the WSU Soccer Club. Sam is one of the Social Media Coordinators for WSU’s Technology Social Media Program, eWazoo. Sam has been writing for eWazoo since 2017.



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