mzl.inqepqetAirWatch is a mobile app that provides device security and can manage other apps, email, content, and device settings. AirWatch saves you time and money by allowing WSU to purchase and push apps to your device at no additional cost to you. AirWatch also allows us to track the device if it is reported as being lost or stolen. Think of it almost like security software for your iPad.

If AirWatch is removed, you may not have access to apps and settings you need to use your iPad for class. You may also lose mobile access to campus resources such as wi-fi and your school email. Please ensure AirWatch is configured successfully on your device simply by clicking on the AirWatch app icon. If you see two green checkmarks, you’re good! If you see any other indicators, it may be beneficial to you to contact technical support to ensure AirWatch is set up and running correctly.

For more information on Airwatch you can go to the WSU Knowledge Base Wiki page or to the Airwatch web page.