Alumini Email

Do You Qualify for a WSU Alumni Mailbox?

If you graduated December 2009 or after, you qualify for an Alumni mailbox. Please read the information below.

Username and Password
The authentication process.

  • Your current Microsoft Office 365 account will no longer work to access your WSU Alumni mailbox.
  • You are required to login using your WSU username and password to access your WSU Alumni mailbox. This includes access from a mobile device, email client, or other Microsoft Office related application.
  • The Microsoft Office 365 Sign-In Page you currently use to login to your WSU Alumni mailbox will change to a Winona State University Sign-In Page:
  • You will be required to change your WSU password every 180 days.

Password Reset

After completing the self-service password reset, you may log into your Winona State University Office 365 alumni email account using the following address:


You are responsible for renewing your WSU account if you wish to retain your WSU Alumni mailbox. The renewal process is simple: Update your WSU password within the required 180 days (twice a year), using the Self-Service Password Reset Tool: If you do not reset your password prior to its expiration, your account will become inactive or expired. Inactive or expired accounts associated with your WSU Alumni mailbox are subject to removal after 180 days.