Aspen Capital/WSU eScholarship

eScholarship_Logo_2018Aspen Capital, in partnership with Winona State University, provides the latest mobile devices and technology to Winona State students.

This year Aspen Capital has generously donated $18,000, enabling us to provide 18 students with a $1,000.00 scholarship for the eWarrior: Digital Life & Learning Program.

The eScholarship theme will be announced in the fall, and students will have until January 2019 to submit their entries.  Entries may be submitted individually or as a group.  There are four events students may enter: 1) digital photography, 2) laptop cover skin design, 3) eFlick (video), and 4) jingle (audio).

We encourage all WSU students that are enrolled in the eWarrior: Digital Life & Learning Program to participate.  This is your opportunity to be creative, innovative, AND win a $1,000.00 eWarrior Scholarship.

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