Can I Keep My Email After I Graduate?


Can I keep my email address after I graduate?

Winona State University Alumni (graduates of WSU) get to keep their WSU Email Address, for their personal (non-commercial) use.

What about my associated Office 365 Storage (OneDrive For Business)?

Graduates are permitted extended access to the complete Office 365 Suite for one full semester (Fall or Winter), following their graduation date. After the initial semester, unless otherwise enrolled in courses, these additional features will become deactivated leaving their mailbox active and accessible through our Sky Services page (

The current Office 365 Suite includes additional features such as OneDrive for Business and ProPlus for Students.

During the extended access phase, graduating students are advised to move all files from their OneDrive for Business to an alternate storage location. All data will be lost when this feature has been deactivated.

How do I access my email after graduation?

During the extended access phase (one semester following graduation), you will log in as a Student through our Sky Services page (

After the extended access phase, you will log in as an Alumni through our Sky Services page (

How long can I keep my alumni email address?

You can keep the your alumni email address as long as you are actively using it and respond to related email notifications regarding expiring services.