iPad Mini Tablets

Here are some general care instructions for your iPad Mini.

The tablet is a sensitive electronic device and it is best to treat it with care at all times. The hardest to prevent, but most important action to avoid is to not drop the device. Always be careful with the tablet and try to hold it securely whenever possible. Dropping the device can cause severe damage, particularly to the screen. If you ever do drop the tablet bring it in to Tech Support to get it looked at immediately.

The tablet is not designed to get wet so be sure to keep liquids away from it, like a can of soda pop, and it away from liquids, like spilled milk. If the device ever does get wet do not try to dry it with a towel, this will just push the liquid into the device further, or hair dryer, this will also push the liquid into the device further and may cause heat damage as well. Bring the tablet into Tech Support immediately to get it checked out if you spill on it or place it in a liquid.

Make sure you wipe down the screen regularly.  Apple and Samsung both recommend using a microfiber cloth and small cleaning devices can be found in many of your favorite stores. You do not need to use a liquid cleaning agent when cleaning the iPad. If you choose to use a liquid, a small amount of water applied to the cloth you will be using to clean the device is acceptable. Never spray water directly onto the tablet.

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